Why are your products so cheap?

Ganja Gal website was built on Canadians demands for low products. It is important all Canadians can get their medicine at a low price and is not inflated by the greed of other companies.

Remember Ganja Gal breaks even at most of our cheap products, especially when discounts are applied.

What products do you carry?

1. Dried Cannabis
2. Shatter
3. Edibles
4. CBD
5. Vapes
6. And Lots more…

How do I signup?

Signup is free and only takes 60 seconds, signup here

Why do you need my ID?

Ganja Gal uses your ID to verify your age and name.

I want to contact you?

Message us on email at [email protected] ganjagal.ca or through the live chat on our site.

Do you give refunds?

Yes we give store credit. Once we receive the products back and have done our checking procedure, we will apply the appropriate store credit to the users account.

Is shipping discreet?

Shipping is very discreet. Packages are sent smell proof and very secure. Ganja Gal has specifically designed our shipping packages so no red flags are raised.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for packages over $150 and free Xpress for packages over $250

For orders under $150 the following shipping prices apply:

  1. Canada Expedite: $20
  2. Canada Xpress: $40
  3. BC Expedite: $9
  4. BC Xpress: $12

For orders $150 to $250 you can upgrade for $40 or BC Xpress for $12

Why does my package say delivered and it hasn’t been?

Give shipping a couple days here as packages could be out on the delivery truck still.

My package has stopped?

It is possible packages can sit in a specific location for a couple days or even miss a scan when the get to a new shipping location. If your package has sat for more than 4 days in one location please contact [email protected]

Do I get anything for referring friends?

Great news, you both Receive $20 once they make their first order.

Is there any ways to gain store credit?

Yes, lots of ways:

  1. 1.5 % back on all purchases
  2. $20 for referring friends
  3. $1 credit for each product you review
  4. $1 credits for sharing our website