What is it that you look for in an online medical marijuana site when buying your medical marijuana products?

The Price of the medical marijuana products?

Is it the quality of the products?

The selection of different products?

Well at Ganja Gal we interviewed hundreds of patients across Canada to find out what is important to the medical marijuana users of this country and built this website based on their demands.

Here is what we discovered:

1. Price is the most important aspect of medical marijuana sites. Marijuana Users across Canada felt like Mail Order Marijuana sites are charging way to much for their product

2. Quality of the product was in the top three and customers felt like a lot of the companies across Canada are pushing a lot of subpar product.

3. Selection of products is very important to marijuana users in Canada. The days have changed and people aren’t just expecting to smoke dry cannabis.

So what did Ganja Gal do about this?

1. Ganja Gal has the cheapest prices in Canada for medical marijuana. Check out $2 Grams of cannabis or $15 grams of shatter. Also all of our products are very well priced and Ganja Gal is sure you will be very pumped once you get your first order.

2. Ganaj Gal has strict procedures to make sure all of our products pass the Top Quality Test. Make sure you try our samples to get a wide selection of our products at a very low price.

3. Shatter, Vapes, CBD Products are starting to become more popular as marijuana users prefer to use more efficient products. Ganja Gal has over 100 products and is adding many more every week based on what you ask for.

So check out the shop or sign up for free here and see what everyone is talking about in Canada.